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Reflections on a Two Week Workshop at Bishop Asili, by Otim Godbe

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In the name of the father has created a big difference in me ever since I joined the project. I have discovered certain hidden abilities, which I know will help me in the future, for example; good communication and dancing skills.

When I reported to the workshop, it was not easy to manage time. The outbreak of Covid 19, and accompanied lockdowns changed a lot of things in my society, especially keeping us at home and preventing us from engaging in productive activities. I had more time to spend in bed. With the new rules at the workshop, I had to adjust to time management because my teacher was a bit tough on this. I have learnt that time also defines who we are and by managing time during the two weeks reboot workshop, it was enough for us to perform our shows within different communities in Lango, Acholi and in the Central part of the country.

The performances have built a strong confidence in me and with that, I know I’m able to tell my story to anyone, anywhere and own it. My biggest task now is to speak for the others who are unable to tell their story. Their stories should be heard in communities too. I learnt that through the performances there is always someone who will hear you out and understand you better.

The reboot workshop also built a strong bond between us. We had good team spirit and we always had each other’s back with care and love. With such good relationships, we shall always try our best to progress as a team. I thank our coach Darrell Turlon who not only imparted skills on us but showed us fatherly love and care. May God bless him for all he has done for us.

We had important moments to express our emotions and truth, which made it easy to let out all the worries in me. I’m finally free and there is no more pressure. I am confident in our shared abilities to uncover opportunities to maintain our important work, and in time begin to consider how our unique talents can contribute and support our community.

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