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Our Partners

Facilitation for Peace and Development

FAPAD LOGO 2 edited again.png

Organisational Lead: Eunice Apio

Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD) is a voluntary Non Governmental Organisation founded in 2000 that launched operations in 2004. Inspired by the urge to protect women and children at the peak of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency in Lango sub-region in Northern Uganda, FAPAD was founded to tackle the silent issues regarding property rights for women and children, specifically widows and orphans who were facing several abuses including denial of land, housing and other properties after the death of their beloved husbands and fathers.

The Alpha Group

Alpha Logo_edited.jpg

Organisational Lead: Darrel Toulon

In 2006, Darrel Toulon and Herwig Baumgartner founded the alpha group in Graz, to develop and carry out experimental interdisciplinary creations and performances. Originally building on classical academic and contemporary dance, experimental music and video art, new ways and methods were explored to take up challenges with the merged skills of the various invited artists. The Alpha Group is a platform where the individual abilities of the artists are used in the best possible way to jointly develop new works of art in a collaborative creative process. Under the artistic direction of Darrel Toulon, some 30-plus guest artists have been invited from several disciplines to join in the creative process and presentation of a diverse range of projects, many of which have been site-specific. Performances, residencies, and workshops have been held internationally.

Vardo Films


Organisational Lead: Dheeraj Akolkar

Vardo Films is based in London and develops, directs and produces documentaries and fiction films for international audiences. Vardo Films was established in 2010 by Dheeraj Akolkar. Two of the recent films he wrote, directed and co-produced, Liv & Ingmar (2012) and Let the Scream Be Heard (2013) have released theatrically in nine countries, shown in over 70 international film festivals and sold for further distribution in 95 countries so far.

As a writer, director, cinematographer and producer of short films, his work includes Jyotirgamaya: Lead Me To The Light (IDPA Awards for Excellence 2005: Best Script and Best Editing), Whatever! (ICE 2006 2nd Best Film of the Festival), Sold My Soul (Official Selection Clermont Ferrand 2007) and Asylum (Official Selection Rotterdam 2010).

 He is also the founder of a charity called Grassroots Stories in London, which specialises in making films that inspire social change.

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