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About Us


To enable children born of war to become visible and exercise their rights

Increase awareness of the plight of children born of war

Share the contribution of Otino Onywalo Ilum as key participants in the emotional wellbeing of children born in war


Network and collaborate with different partners/ researchers on matters of children born of war globally


Solicit for resources to sustain children born of war projects


Promote creativity as an important part of a mental wellness recovery plan for children born of war


In The Name Of The Father is a docu-dance theatre project focusing on experiences of children born of war. The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and led by Professor Sabine Lee of the University of Birmingham as principal investigator. Ugandan children born in captivity are one of several groups of children born of war (CBOW) to be involved in the activities, others are located in Norway and Bosnia. The project aims at capacity-building and empowerment through:

  1. Transgenerational and international dialogue.

  2. Exploring creative alternative avenues of awareness-raising.

  3. Amplifying the effectiveness of advocacy of CBOW through confidence building for engagement with media, policymakers, service providers, and politicians.

  4. Building strength through awareness of historical and political contextualization of the CBOW experiences.

  5. Building capacity for CBOW to determine the direction of further engagement through networking opportunities and through supported, yet independent engagement with stakeholders.

The initial research network brought together researchers and third-sector partners exploring the life courses of CBOW with particular emphasis on children fathered during and after World War II and children fathered during the LRA war in Northern Uganda since the mid-1980s. Later, we expanded the work to cover other geographical and historical areas, and in recent years we have engaged specifically with creative partners to disseminate the insights of our participatory research. In the Name of the Father and its Ugandan arm Otino Onywalo Ilum, has arisen out of this academic-artistic partnership, spearheaded by the University of Birmingham in partnership with The Alpha Group Austria, Vardo Films UK, and Facilitation for Peace and Development in Uganda.

About Us: About Us
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