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Documentary-Dance Workshop Uganda

What We Do

A pre-performance training workshop led by Darrel Toulon from The Alpha group was conducted in Aboke St Mary's College in 2020. The workshop gave participants the chance to learn new techniques and skills. For example, discovering their voice, dancing and using their stories to express their inner feelings and how society perceives them. The project has the support of the regional traditional leaders (Prime Ministers of Acholi and Lango regions) and spiritual leaders (Bishop of Lira). Between them they have pledged to enable performances by providing free training and performance halls in Lango and Acholi.


Psychosocial Support

Accompanying the artistic programme, the project provides psychosocial support for CBOW through a local psychologist. This is conducted on a one-on-one basis, as well as monthly group counselling sessions. These sessions have improved communication among beneficiaries and helped them manage personal issues with less outside support. It has also provided them with the tools to manage anger and take a more positive attitude to life.

Media Engagement

We also use local radio stations as an avenue of awareness raising to reach wider communities in Lango and Acholi. These not only give the children born of war opportunity to openly express themselves on numerous challenges faced, but also provide them space to exchange ideas and develop critical thinking skills.

Prime minister of Lango cultural foundation officiating closing of workshop in Lira_edited.jpg

Inspirational Talks

The project involves key stakeholders, such as elders, parents, traditional and church leaders who use life experiences to encourage the participants to overcome ongoing challenges. The motivational words have been relevant to their needs and have built positive attitudes and ways to employ skills gained from trainings.

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