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Our Two-Week Workshop, by Ojok Ambrose

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

My greatest appreciation goes to my instructor Darrel, for all his efforts and commitment to shaping us into better people. I thank other organisers too who were part of this workshop.

I gained fitness, because of the concentration I put into training. I always believed in myself and never gave up in any given task. In addition to that I never fell sick during the course of training, thanks to God for his protection.

Secondly, my voice was opened and all the words were very clear due to voice exercise classes.

I also gained confidence to face and talk to a crowd without fear. I gained this through eye contact exercises.

I therefore cannot forget to appreciate sister Eva and all others for their support, but above all I appreciate the Gulu performance because the response of the audience were positive and that gave me encouragement towards any future performances that we might make.

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