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My Future, My Responsibility, by Ayugi Paska

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Life is a struggle that needs determination and perseverance in this world. Without leaving the past, the things you want to achieve in the future are tarnished. Being a child born of war is something so normal to me now, but before, all was not well for me as a child growing up to face challenges in life.

My mother was captured in 1996 by the LRA Rebels when she was a student at the age of sixteen. The experience affected her negatively. She became harsh to anyone she perceived might want to take advantage of her. As life continued, she gave birth to me in 2000. Later, her husband

died in 2001, and perhaps it was the will of God to open a way for her to see her family members again after a long time of loneliness.

In 2002, she was released by the LRA commander, Joseph Kony with some others who remained there in the misery of the bush. Having seen all sorts of bloodshed, torture, rape, and all sorts of humiliation in the bush, she would turn into someone very cruel when you said things that deviated from her ideologies.

Her life in a new place at World Vision in Gulu helped her to cope with the different kinds of people she met in the process of interaction. After being mentored, Mummy came back to Lira and was taken to the Rachele Rehabilitation Centre where there was an organization which was called Center for Children in Vulnerable Situations. The organization helped to cater to my mother’s education once again.

Knowing and realizing that I was a child born of war, I faced lots of challenges like stigma, discrimination and finger-pointing. This would happen both at home and at school. Luckily enough, my teachers tried their best to mentor me into a good and strong person to be able to face everything I was going through.

From grass to grace, I then happened to meet Darrel and Ms. Babra Otuku, who held a meeting with other people, children with similar backgrounds to me and our parents. Woah!!! I really can’t for

get all the wonderful moments we had with them. A hero again emerged, an elder in the struggle of life; Mr. Vincent I Oling; “My future is my responsibility and so is my destiny, challenges are opportunities for us to go back to the board.” This was an inspirational talk given to us by him. Since then life has been very easy because I know that I need to focus ahead in order to make and have a bright future.

I want to really work hard, fight for the rights of those who have been denied a voice and the comfort the afflicted. My regards go to the following;

  1. Babra Otuku

  2. Eunice Apio

  3. Darrel & Sabine

In this life, whether you are a child produced at the hospital, on the road, or anywhere, you are still a child, nothing mo

re than that. Life is a challenge with sorrows, worries, happiness, joy, and others that I can’t put into writing, but perseverance and endurance while being a determined person helps you to achieve all that you desire in this life while we seek God.

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