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Vincent Idung Oling

Community leader and civil society functionary, Oyam-Uganda.


I am a retired civil servant at the rank of district officer at the head of the youth section under the ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development.

I have been totally blind since 1980/81 after nearly five years civil service occupation in Jinja as the district youth organizer, as well as acting provincial commissioner for culture and community.

I have been a civil society functionary since the early nineties as the community based actor, conceptualizing and addressing community issues, problems and challenges in the wake of the horrifying LRA war in northern Uganda; by training and work experience, a social worker and social administrator;

  • Was the team leader of the management of Minakulu safe motherhood birth attendance association, own the brain child from 1995-2006.

  • Conceptualized, and had (brain-child) Concern Parents Association (CPA) founded in the wake of the Aboke girls abduction in 1996, précising October 1996.

  • Was called upon, and made to accept nomination, and being elected to the district council of Apac district in 1992, then by Electoral College to represent Minakulu subsequently re-elected in 1998, and in 2002.

  • Secretary to and an ad-hoc committee on secretary institute by Apac District Council in 1996.

  • Secretary for Education security and NGO Affairs, Apac District Local Government from 2002-2006 resigning from active politics at end of term.

  • Chairman Board of Facilitation for Peace and Development from 2004 to date.

  • Board member of UCRNN (Uganda Child Rights NGO Network) with Head Quarters in Kampala, from 2010-2013.

  • Apac NGO Forum Board Member from 1999.

  • Northern Uganda Anti-Corruption Coalition (NUACC) Board Member from 2007.

  • Northern Uganda Coalition for health Advocacy (HEPS) Uganda Board Chairman from 2010.

  • Member to Lira Catholic Diocese and Peace commission from 1991, then from 2006.

  • Chairman Board of Lango Cultural Institution from 2004, and Tekwaro Lango electoral commission for top leadership election 2017.

  • Community psycho-social support provider trainer in Lango sub-region with CPA.

  • An-ardent human rights campaigner and defendant since 1987 to date.

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