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Oting Rose Kelsie.jpg

Oting Rose Kelsie

From Gulu (Acholi sub-region), Northern Uganda

I love making friends, singing, adventuring with my siblings and not forgetting reading books while listening to music. I have been raised to be bold. I love to speak my mind and hate liars.

I am known to describe and identify myself through story telling. Being a child born in captivity is a blessing in disguise to me though others called it a misfortune in the world. No one wishes to be born the other way round. Where I came from, being born in captivity is like a huge curse or a spell, your own people desert you, including your community. I just want everyone out there to learn how to treat and care for these kind of children and their mothers because it is not of their own making that they were born in captivity.


I personally grew up hating and isolating myself from people because no one wanted me and my presence alone was like venom in society. Loneliness became my biggest friend and darkness welcomed me every time I ran to it. Right now I am who I am because of the few good people who showed me love, care and kindness.

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