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Otim Godbie

From Gulu (Acholi sub-region), Northern Uganda

My personal interest is to stand up and talk about what people don’t want to talk about. I want all the children born in captivity to feel a sense of belonging, I want to speak up for the voiceless who are oppressed and not allowed to speak for themselves. I need to let them consider that they are valued in the world. There is no more happiness that than in knowing that people value and consider you in this world. I have been fighting for love my whole life because I know it’s the only thing that makes a person feel valued, which matters to me a lot.

Today, many of the children born in captivity who are younger than me are struggling with life to make ends meet. Many have not had the opportunity to study and have resorted to illegal activities around drugs, stealing and robbery and thus end up beaten or in prison.

These children need self-sustaining skills to improve their lives. They need to be loved and treated with respect too. What I need is a lot more than what I imagined. I want to be an actor to be able to tell these stories. We need to build an association for ourselves to save others too. We need a place where our issues are addressed.

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