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Okwera Thomas

From Lira city/Oberkampala (Lango Sub-region), Northern Uganda

I am a visionary who loves to discover and explore beyond my limitations.

More importantly, l make sure in my walk of life l am always impeccable in my thoughts, which has enabled me to widen my understanding about the facts in life. Sometimes I ask myself what is the right channel in life? After all, we are all human created in Gods image and leaving by his grace. I may be a child born of war in the society I live in, but it was not my desire to be born this way. l want to transform society to respect and value all human beings. We should note that our life is like a movie, sometimes, it’s interesting, full of love and joy and sad too. And that is how I define life, we all need transformation in our lives.

My Slogan: Today's visions create another way tomorrow!

Okwera Thomas_edited.jpg
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