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Ogwel Emmanuel

From Otuke District (Lango sub-region), northern Uganda

I am a man with power, and I am interested in developing my talents and my creativity for my future. My life started with a lot of difficulty, but I thank God for what he has given me in life, and because I still have time, my future will be bright.

I am good at music, dancing, drama, and other talents that God has given me. Sometimes I work as a social worker at many sites, and I like politics.

I started developing my character and talents when I was still young and am loved by many people because I am not shy.

I have learnt a lot from the docu-dance project. I can show my talents without fear. I have developed new skills, and more confidence. I have learnt how to do things at the right time and to respect others. The project has helped me be who I am by enabling me to gain advice from elders and know that I am not alone in this world. I have many friends and those who support me in life.

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