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Lanyero Yonah Peace

Teacher, from Gulu (Acholi sub-region), northern Uganda

Lonyero Peace_edited.png

I generally offer my best in service in line with the institution and community requirement.

  • To educate people holistically

  • To promote development of people’s gifts and talents

  • To work towards scoring organisational goals.

  • Good at interpersonal relations and problem-solving skills.​

I am 25 years old and married with one child. I am involved in the project “in the name of the father “. I am committed and willing to participate in any activity at any time, because the project has helped me to realise who I am and to be strong and open up when sharing my story. Through that, I stcuk my broken bones back together and slowly developed hope, trust and strength in my life again.

I am glad the project and funders showed us children born of war love and care. We went through a lot, we are going through a lot, but we want to prove to the whole world that we are able to do anything that any other person can do or achieve. I am happy and contented in life the way I am.

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