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Eunice Otuko Apio received her PhD in African studies and anthropology from the Department of History and Cultures, the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2016. In September 2017, she joined the Law School, University of Birmingham as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender and Transitional justice, and works on the subject of resilience in survivors of war-related sexual violence in a comparative study of Uganda, Colombia and Bosnia-Herzegovina ( Her doctoral thesis examined forced marriage in the Lords’ Resistance Army and their ‘Children Born of War in northern Uganda: Kinship, Marriage, and the Politics of Post-conflict Reintegration in Lango Society’ (  


Dr. Apio is a member of the American Council for Women, Peace and Security. She is also founder of the charity FAPAD based in northern Uganda, and has worked in conflict and post conflict settings since 2001. In her free time, she conducts consultancies, including in monitoring and evaluation. Drawing from her master’s thesis, she contributed a chapter (Uganda’s Forgotten Children of War) in Carpenter’s (2007) edited Volume on Born of War: Protecting Children of Sexual Violence Survivors in Conflict Zones, and has published articles on peer reviewed journals. Her most recent contribution is a chapter on Uganda which explores challenging issues of gender and kinship for the edited volume, ‘Challenging Conceptions’ (in press, Oxford University Press), and a co-authored peer reviewed article ‘The Marriage-Slavery Nexus in Northern Uganda’ (accepted for publication). She is also the author of Zura Maids, a novel that explores the realities of human trafficking in today’s African society. 

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