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We aim to inspire and empower children born of war to unlock their potential using their biography through a docu-dance theatre performance

Otino Onywalo Ilum: Children Born of War

This project brings together a network of researchers and practitioners exploring the life courses of children born of war.

Home: Who We Are

I want all children born in captivity to feel a sense of belonging... I need them to know they are valued in this world... We need to build an association for ourselves to save others. We need a place where our issues are addressed.

Otim Godbe

I am raised to be bold and I love to speak my mind...Where I come from, being born in captivity is like a huge curse or a spell, your own people desert you... I just want everyone out there to learn how to treat and care for these kinds of children and their mothers

Oting Rose Kelsie

The Wound is Where the Light Enters was made by Vardo Films. It documents the making of 'Otino Onywalo Ilum' and the moving process of transforming stories into dance. The film won the Inspiration Award at the AHRC's Research in Film Awards 2021. Please see the trailer below:

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